Monday, March 2, 2009

Tools of Trade

Here is one of Jon Owen's new sculptures,
Montana Spray Cans, each "can" is approx. 7.25" x 2.5" Feb. 2009

from Jon:

"The White one is plaster.. (1st one done) The gray/black speckled one is paraffin and wax mixture coloured by using crayons... you cut up crayons and Crayola brand is best.. they melt instantly.... the cheaper brand crayons do not tend to breakdown in wax/parraffin. The orange is mostly paraffin with a little wax as well.... that is made purely from the Crayola Brand crayons... the coloured casts are bunted on the bottom as well... I over poured the plaster cast..."


  1. Thanks goes to Fred for posting. I have had hectic time in Oregon with computer crashes, camera malfunctions, and what is know as Critical Theory. I will have a surprise next week incorporating this exploration of casting and the beautiful and lovely shape of the Montana Spray Paint Can. I believe the Montana company's cap system is what made this two mold cast possible. The traditional tips would cause an issue when pouring and the beauty of the can is lost without a tip.

  2. Ha HA. I just wanna see the Bud Dwyer linocut Jon...