Saturday, January 24, 2009

What is BAU Movement?

This is an attempt to explain, but in no way meant as a manifesto.

The "BAU Movement" started about three years ago as a lark. A former student asked if he could use a corner of the studio space at Penn State York. He graduated with a degree in English (but he wanted to major in art)

This guy was adding snippets of his poetry to his paintings. I painted a response to a blog of his (an "ablogogy") about pissing in someone's freezer at a party. From there, we just played around with this idea of textual paintings throughout late 2007 and into the summer of 2008, when another former student moved to S. Oregon and re-enrolled in art school. He had been working with paint and stencils too, and we kept egging each other on.

A third person has been making drawings and paintings that served to “illustrate” or reflect her poems for about two years now; she was a freshman when the first guy was “borrowing” studio space.

Anyway, there are folks in their 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s with some common interests: dealing with personal stuff in their art (business as usual eh?), working with text (written or stenciled), and trying to maintain a sense of craftsmanship (the work aspect). We are working on an exhibit in August and I will keep you posted.