Monday, March 23, 2009

So.. reigning from the Keystone State I have a memory of the day Budd Dwyer lost his marbles.
Nationally televised news conference with Mr. Dwyer, a .357 magnum, and a snow day.
Politics kill people.  Taking money from the mob kills people.  .357's kill people.  It isn't everyday you see all of these things come together on television while eating breakfast.
This piece of art isn't for me to tell you about, although if you are not familiar with Budd Dwyer perhaps googling him will put this into more perspective. 
It is a comment on what you remember.  
I will never forget this.  
It is my way to remember, regardless of what the audience knows, it is more about simply remembering to remember not to forget.  Oh and my utter disliking for politics.


  1. I remember being at home that day, playing Axis and Allies with my brothers (off for a snow day) and my friend Paul (home on leave) - those Pennsylvania politicos.

  2. Hey Jon, if you get this made into t-shirt form, which I hope that you do, I will definitely buy one.