Monday, March 23, 2009

BAU Sculpture? What???

Fred and I have always liked spray paint and with my new found love for sculpture I find this a fitting exploration of the media. 

I made a simple two-part rubber mold using a Montana Spray paint can and tip.

Had some issues with rims and edges but on a whole the experiment I feel is successful. 

I love colour!(that's spelled right, dammit) I love the shape of the can.  The colured cans are paraffin/wax mix.  The colour comes from Crayola Crayons that are thinly sliced and added to wax mixture... than poured and allowed to cool and harden.  

The other cans are plaster, hydrostone, and concrete.  Same process but the hardening time for plaster and hydrostone is shorter.  The concrete takes longer.  It is a great process.

The piece is about juxtaposition.  The solid elements of  colourless strength toppled over in contrast to the colour-clumped beauty and delicacy of the wax is just wonderful feeling.   The cans of solid material or over to fill the space and remind the viewer that solid isn't so strong.  The colour and beauty is strength.  It is not for me to decide how you look at it.  Just my process.  
The pedestals are part of the piece I wanted to pull the elements together and open up the piece to the room.  I simply spray painted the coloured pedestal and dripped hydrostone/plaster/concrete down the other. I presented the piece off of the wall and in the middle of the gallery.   I might try and enter this into some up coming juried art shows.  Feedback from you big artists would be lovely. Enjoy, and thank-you.


  1. These are really neat. I especially love the color one. Very interesting.